Madden NFL 22

Electronic Arts today announced EA SPORTS Madden NFL 22, featuring two NFL Super Bowl champions, MVPs and sports legends on the cover of all editions and Madden NFL Mobile: Tom Brady and Patrick Mahomes.

Patrick Mahomes said; “It’s only the second time that two athletes have shared the cover and we’re delighted that the fans can experience Dynamic Gameday, which makes the game even more intense and authentic – and makes it feel fresh and authentic all year round. “

What will make Madden NFL 22 better

Madden NFL 22 harnesses the power of next-gen consoles to capture the raw energy, emotion, and unpredictability of the NFL through the new Dynamic Gameday * that impacts gameplay across all modes. Whether you’re creating a weekly schedule in Franchise or playing against a friend in Play Now, the games in Madden NFL 22 feel fresh, with more depth in strategy and storytelling in every match and stadium.

Into the battle for the Football

Seven-time Super Bowl champion Tom Brady said; “It’s great to be on the cover of Madden NFL 22 with Patrick. We share a love of football and it’s very special to be a part of this famous franchise, ”.

Dynamic Gameday

Dynamic Gameday in Madden NFL 22 brings three new functions: Gameday Atmosphere, Gameday Momentum and Next Gen Stats: Star-Driven AI. Gameday Atmosphere lets us immerse ourselves in a dense fan atmosphere through crowds, environments and presentation elements that enhance and influence every game. Gameday Momentum’s new, performance-based mechanics, including Home Field Advantage, which offers unique playing conditions tailored to the stadium atmosphere of each NFL team, bring the dynamics of the game to life. Next Gen Stats: Star-Driven AI, equipped with real player data that evolves over the course of the season, influences the behavior of the AI ​​and the tendencies of the teams to make the NFL superstars and the character of each team even more realistic.

Dynamic Gameday Trailer

Seann Graddy, Executive Producer of Madden NFL 22 said; “We are continuously collecting feedback from our players to improve Madden NFL with each edition and in real time with our live service throughout the year. We’ll continue that approach this year, including stepping up our franchise commitment by maintaining the commitment we started with in Madden NFL 21, more of the most requested franchise features both at the start of the season and during the season to deliver.”

The Franchise Mode

The Franchise Mode in Madden NFL 22 gives us a greater sense of being connected to and in control of our team – with more detailed staff management and skill tree progression, as well as a comprehensive weekly game strategy and revamped season engine. Franchise will continue to receive improvements through several live service updates throughout the year.

The Yard Mode

Madden NFL’s newest mode, The Yard, features an all-new single player campaign and avatar progression system that shares progress, rewards and more with Face of the Franchise. Face of The Franchise returns with a new story, a player class system and the ability to play as a linebacker on the defensive side for the first time. With Superstar KO, the multiplayer mode is expanded to include NFL teams from the real world. In addition, Madden Ultimate Team will deliver a new season of content, enable mid-term adjustments for Superstar X-Factors, and incorporate Next Gen Stats * to track stats for player items.

Pre-order Madden NFL 22 ** and you will get numerous benefits

Fans who pre-order Madden NFL 22 ** will receive numerous benefits, including new vanity items and content in Ultimate Team, as well as first-time benefits in Franchise, Face of the Franchise, and The Yard. Both the MVP Edition and the pre-order and EA Play Pro Dynasty Edition-only edition offer 3 days of Early Access, dual entitlement for players who want to upgrade their Madden NFL experience with a next-gen console, and much more.

Plus, EA Play members get more out of Madden NFL 22 with early trial access and monthly in-game rewards. More information about EA. Madden NFL 22 is being developed in Orlando, Florida, by EA Tiburon and will be available worldwide on August 20th for Sony PlayStation 4, Sony PlayStation 5, Microsoft Xbox One, Microsoft Xbox Series X | S, PC on Origin and Steam, and Google Stadia.

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