New QuizDuel

The well-known trivia app New QuizDuel is back from the summer break with its new feature quiz duel LIVE and will officially end the beta phase on August 15th.

This step is accompanied by a major update: the Swedish developer MAG Interactive announces that in addition to in-game currency, real money prizes can now also be won as part of the live show. The new QuizDuel is available free of charge in the Apple App Store and Google Play Store.

The game mode QuizDuel LIVE consists of live quiz rounds that take place several times a week and are accompanied by a team of moderators who interact with viewers via live chat. Participation is free, but the game is played for a prize pool that was previously made up of different in-game items and now also contains real money. To win, quiz enthusiasts must answer all twelve questions correctly. Up to question 7, lifebuoys can be used as an aid in order to stay in the race after a wrong answer.

Daniel Hasselberg, CEO of MAG Interactive said; “(…) we are excited to see how the new feature will be received,”.

The live trivia mode QuizDuel LIVE was developed in collaboration with Primetime, a leading company that develops live trivia games for mobile devices in Scandinavia and was acquired by MAG in autumn 2020.

Facts about QuizDuel LIVE

  • The game mode is available to all players of New QuizDuel and participation is free.
  • The programs run from the primetime studio in Stockholm, Sweden.
  • A quiz takes about ten minutes and consists of a total of twelve questions.
  • Lifebuoys can be used if a question is answered incorrectly, up to and including question 7.
  • Quiz enthusiasts who answer all twelve questions correctly share the prize equally.
  • Participants can interact with the show in real time via the QuizDuel LIVE chat.
  • QuizDuel LIVE should also be available for players from Switzerland and Austria in the near future.

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