indie Game incubator (iGi)

indie Game incubator (iGi) , sponsored by Marvelous Co., Ltd. (President: Shuichi Motoda/ Location: Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo) has, since its start in February 2021, received support and sponsorship from 11 companies and 2 organizations.

It is a great pleasure for the iGi program to announce the addition of Sony’s PlayStation® to her list of highly respected supporters. PlayStation® is actively engaged in the indie game scene, supporting indie game developers in various ways such as participating in events.

With this announcement, iGi indie Game incubator has now received the official support of 12 influential companies and 2 organizations from within the global gaming ecosystem, and will continue to look for fruitful collaborations both within and outside the gaming industry. iGi is also looking to strengthen the relations between industry, government and academia going forward.

We have received comments from Sony Interactive Entertainment, but also from Microsoft Corporation and Unity Technologies Japan K.K., whose support we received in April 2021. These companies are planning to hold lectures for the five participating game developer teams, in order to provide the knowledge and tools to succeed.

Shuhei Yoshida, Representative of Sony Interactive Entertainment Indies Initiative Said:
“We welcome the start of Japan’s first incubation program for indie games. Through cooperation with iGi, we will further work to create an environment where new Japanese creators can express their art freely.”

Chris Charla, ID@Xbox Senior Director said:
“We at ID@Xbox were thrilled to support iGi and are excited to collaborate with independent game developers across Japan. We look forward to deepening our understanding and relationship with the development community in Japan and continue helping them bring their games to the world”

About iGi
iGi indie Game incubator is the first incubation program for indie developers and games based in Japan.

  • Program name: indie Game incubator (abbreviation: iGi).
  • Period: 6 months from June to November 2021.
  • Organizer: Marvelous Co., Ltd.
  • Program cooperation: GameBCN (Barcelona, Spain).
  • Program management cooperation: HEAD-HIGH Co., Ltd., LUDiMUS Co., Ltd.

Visit the website Marvelous, the organizer of this program or follow Marvelous on Facebook and Twitter.

For more information about the iGi program visit the official website and follow them on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

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