Guild Wars 2: End of Dragons

NCSOFT and ArenaNet announced that the first playable content for Guild Wars 2: End of Dragons is now available. Three elite specializations that offer new and exciting ways to play the existing character classes will then be part of the first beta test.

Anyone who logs into Guild Wars 2 on August 17 from 6:00 p.m. CET can create up to three new characters, which will automatically be upgraded to level 80, and the new elite specializations of Twist of Will, Harbinger and Virtuoso for the Guardian, Necromancer classes and select Mesmer. The beta will last until August 21st and will be accessible to everyone, including play-for-free accounts.

Guild wars 2 End of Dragons third Expansion

what we can expect?

Each of the new elite specializations is packed with new skills and traits, opens up a complex and worthwhile new play style for the respective class and expands the possibilities for creating a character according to our own specifications and preferences.

The three new elite specializations are:

Necromancer – Harbinger

The harbinger borrows a pinch of the gunslingers of the Wild West and mixes it with a dash of pharmacist, which is expressed through his elixir skills and the associated support properties. The result is a fast-paced, feverish fighting style that rewards skill, risk and a sense of proportion when attacking, while undermining the traditional, more methodical gameplay of the necromancers.

Mesmer – virtuoso

The mesmer is usually known for his sneakiness, cunning, and complexity. He creates illusions to distract enemies and then smash them with various effects. The virtuoso interweaves telekinesis and the canthan blade fighting traditions into a completely new, fast and active fighting style. He does without tricks and devotes himself entirely to the offensive. He uses his magic to summon enchanted blades, which he uses telekinetically for devastating attacks or to inflict debilitating conditions on his opponents.

Guardian – willbender

Twists of will are protectors of the Canthan throne and keepers of fate of the Weh no Su (“ruling emperors”). This new form of guardian wields a sword in the companion hand and uses physical skills to reach and execute enemies. The twists of will make the class more mobile than ever. The Companion Hand Sword of Will Twists and many physical auxiliary skills have been enhanced with multi-strike and bonus movement skills, making this elite specialization an extremely aggressive damage dealer, knocking down opponents while maintaining their health and well-being through destruction on the battlefield.

Three more Elite Specializations will be revealed in advance of the second End of Dragons Beta, which begins September 21 and runs through September 25. The final Elite Specializations will be playable in the third beta from October 26th to 30th.

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