Moo Lander’s first Mooball soccer

The developer of The Sixth Hammer unveiling Moo Lander’s first global Galactic Mooball soccer olympiad!

For the duration of the Gamescom, everybody of us can play the Moo Lander Steam demo and take part in the Galactic Mooball. Every gamer playing the Galactic Mooball during this period will make points, which will lead to different types of surprises. In the end of the event, the developer will announce the best Landers and Cows! 

Football Multiplayer Trailer

About Moo Lander’s

Moo Lander is a 2D puzzle platformer made with the Unity engine. We take control of The Lander and his spaceship, taming Mighty Ancient Cows, fighting a large variety of different enemies, solving all kinds of witty puzzles and exploring alien worlds. Use our Milk Shield, Milk Saber and other milk-based technology weapons to conquer the challenges of Moo Lander.

It is hot like in the deserts

The Gamescom is this year digital from August 25 – 27, 2021. On this Gamescom we will see demos, interviews about our favorite games.

To don’t miss any latest news about Moo Lander follow the creators on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, the official website and Steam or subscribe Our Planet of Entertainment.

For more information about this game visit our latest post.

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