King Louis XVI’s automata army is terrorizing the citizens of Paris. Join the Revolution as Aegis, fight against this reign of terror and try to change the course of history!

Battle abilities until now

In the Alpha Gameplay we see with which sort of weapon we will attack our enemies in Steelrising. In one scene we fight with a sort of club with a chain against our steel enemy. In other scene we use axe and a sword to take down our enemy. The Alpha Gameplay show us also that the player move and attack in a fast pace. The player have the possibility to protect himself against enemies attacks with a big shield. The protagonist also use the fan to attack the opponents in Steelrising.

Concept Pictures

Special skills in Steelrising

In the further Gameplay we get an imagine of some special skills that can we unlock. In a scene player collect electricity from the clouds and shoot these electricity to the enemy. The player is also able to smash a fire ball on the ground.

About Steelrising

Steelrising shows a Paris in 1789 when the French Revolution stalled. For the game, the developers of Spiders were inspired by well-known locations and monuments of the city and adapted them for their alternative version of the events.


1789 is the year of the storm on the Bastille and the beginning of the fall of the monarchy. Steelrising reveals an alternate version of the story: What if King Louis XVI, who loved watchmaking, had built an army of robots that could put down the insurrection? This army is powerful and cruel. It spares no one and punishes rebels with violence. Paris burns and bleeds. Men, women and children are systematically gunned down. In this chaos, we take on the role of Aegis, a robot and bodyguard of Marie-Antoinette. Commissioned by the Queen, Aegis roams a Paris teeming with machines. Any battle with these mechanical opponents is a challenge that puts our skills to the test.

SteelRising is still under development and some features will be changed through the development process. So the final product may vary from what we see.

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