Lost in Random – Six different realms

EA Originals and Zoink Studios released a new blog post on Lost in Random. In the fantasy adventure, fans embark on a macabre journey into the unpredictable kingdom of Random.

We can expect six different realms as well as unique characters and obstacles, which present the protagonists of the game, Even and Dicey, with completely new challenges. The individual kingdoms at a glance.


The most neglected of the six realms serves as a garbage dump for the other five. It is the home of Even and her sister Odd, and they find solace behind its walls.

The Oners mostly make their living hauling junk onto freighters so that anything of value can be used by the Queen. What the junk is used for, however, is quite unknown to them.


This is where things begin to get a bit stranger. Two-Town is a magical place, but one that’s equally twisted. It is a town of dualities and split-personalities.

This is a place of contrasts and divided personalities that change daily when the queen’s die is rolled. This magical realm can look completely different every new morning than the day before.


Threedom is a mess for entirely different reasons than Onecroft. Many years ago, the King of Threedom was murdered and the region has been in disarray since. The King’s triplets each blamed the others for the fatal act, resulting in a devastating three-way civil war that goes on to this day.

The three children, who otherwise live lives of luxury, wage war against each other, all with the blessing of the Queen.


Long ago during the No Dice War, the fourth realm was known as Four-Town and was a much different place. A place of nobility and heroism. Unfortunately, it was destroyed, and, upon the bones and ruins of Four-Town, Fourburg was built for a new era of decadence.

If we want to achieve something, we can only do so through gambling. It’s run by a nasty “Fourman” known as the Highroller who seems to have an in with the crown, meaning the law looks the other way when he wheels and deals however he pleases, including illegally.


Once upon a time, the metropolis was a mystical land home to the five legendary card makers. These five artisans created the most powerful cards in all the realms. Anyone would be lucky to have even one of their creations.

The five card makers were treated almost as though they were divine in nature due to their skills, revered for what they could create. They brought wonders and greatness to Fivetropolis, but only for a time.


Sixtopia is a perfect paradise. Entirely and absolutely. There is not a thing wrong with it at all. It’s a magical paradise of luxury where anyone would be lucky to stay.

The magical luxury paradise. This is where the queen lives and describes it as the best of all realms. However, none of those who end up here will never return to their homeland.

Lost in Random appears on September 10, 2021  for PlayStation 4,  PlayStation 5,  Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S Nintendo Switch, PC on Origin and Steam.

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