Neverwinter Jewel of the North – released

Perfect World Entertainment and Cryptic Studios announced that Neverwinter’s new expansion, Jewel of the North, is now available on Xbox One and PlayStation 4.

Starting today, all console players can log in and experience the entire content of the free MMORPG on Dungeons & Dragons. This expansion introduces the popular and versatile Bard class based on the 5th edition of Dungeons & Dragons. Console gamers can also enjoy major gameplay improvements, including a new streamlined level-up system that makes content more accessible to gamers of all skill levels. We can get exclusive rewards like rare mounts by logging in during Neverember’s recruitment. Neverwinter: Jewel of the North is also free to play on: Steam, Epic Games Store, and Arc Games.

About Neverwinter Jewel of the North

Neverwinter is a free-to-play action MMORPG with dynamic battles and epic dungeons. We explore the sprawling city of Neverwinter and the surrounding countryside, learning the vivid history of this famous metropolis from the Forgotten Realms while defending it from countless enemies. Neverwinter is currently available for free on PC, digitally on Xbox One with a Gold Membership from the Xbox Games Store, and on PlayStation 4 (PlayStation Plus not required).

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