Infinity – Update

The developer is extremely thrilled to announced, that all the initial stretch goals for the Kickstarter campaign to complete the 20-year-old unpublished tactical RPG, Infinity, for Game Boy Color have been reached.

Infinity has now reached 1,439% of its goal due to the support of 1,940 backers! With the accomplishment of all the initial stretch goals, the campaign has been updated with new ones. 

Stretch goals to achieve

  • Free box protectors – $225K
  • Logo with Silkscreen on the back of the PCB – $230K
  • Opaque Black cartridge protectors – $240K
  • Steam port – $250K
  • In-game still artwork – $260K
  • In-game still artwork – $262K
  • In-game still artwork – $264K
  • In-game still artwork – $266K
  • In-game still artwork- $268K
  • In-game still artwork – $270K
  • GBA Enhanced version – $275K

The GBA Enhanced version is a feature where inserted in a Game Boy Advance, the game allows you to access more content. The “GBA Enhanced” mode has only been used by 4 games on GBC so it will make Infinity part of those 5 games with GBA Enhanced mode!

There are 21 days left to end the funding campaign of Infinity.

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For more information about this game visit our latest post.

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