Summoners War: Lost Centuria – winner of esports competition

Com2uS is proud to announce the winner of their first international esports competition World Showdown for Summoners War: Lost Centuria. At the same time, with the latest update, two new monsters and a spell are about to arrive.

On August 8, eight players from Europe, North America and Asia competed against each other in the World Showdown, who had qualified in advance via the in-game game mode World Tournament. After exciting head-to-head fights, the North American DarkV deservedly prevailed against its opponents as the winner – followed by Mavking in second place and the only European finalist MonkeyDLuffy in third place. DarkV left the competition behind by winning out of a total of ten Games only lost two. Previously, he confidently announced that he feels safe to win the competition if he survives the quarter-finals.

The final of the World Showdown

Updates in Summoners War: Lost Centuria

Meanwhile, the latest update has added two monsters and one spell. The monster Galleon (water attribute), already known from Summoners War, supports his allies as a heroic pirate captain with an attack-increasing effect and weakens the enemy with a defense-reducing effect. The second heroic monster Dias (darkness attribute) is a good combination. With a powerful area attack, the death knight inflicts damage to all enemy monsters and has a healing effect. Strong rune set effects make it an even stronger opponent, because the higher its maximum HP value, the more damage it causes. In addition, the powerful conjuring spell Imperfect Resurrection brings the last allied monster defeated back onto the battlefield and can thus be the decisive ace up your sleeve in seemingly hopeless fights. The performance of all monsters and spells already included will also be further balanced with this update.

Summoners War Lost Centuria is released for platforms of Apple App Store and Google Play Store. To don’t miss any latest news about Summoners War: Lost Centuria follow the creators on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and the official website. For more information about this game visit our latest post.

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