Digital Dream Labs – Update

Digital Dream Labs notified that several of the Anki apps for Drive and OVERDRIVE are unable to support all of the features found in the newest mobile devices. So they decided to not anymore support this Apps and continue support for OverDrive 2.6.

As a result, the following apps will be removed from app stores anytime soon.

The developer notified that this will not impact our ability to enjoy apps which we have already downloaded onto our mobile device. However, this apps will no longer receive updates and Digital Dream Labs will no longer be able to offer technical support for these apps.

Continue Racing with OverDrive 2.6

While Dream Labs will be retiring these apps, the Team around Dream Labs is already taking steps to ensure that we can continue to enjoy our racing experience. They have begun developing an update for Overdrive 2.6 that will address several known issues. Additionally, the Team will make installation files for the older applications available on her Support Center.

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