Summoners War: Lost Centuria – fifth season

Com2uS is starting the fifth season of its real-time PvP action game Summoners War: Lost Centuria, announcing the arrival of the guild battles. Lost Centuria is available for free.

In Season 5, the Alliance Battle will now take place twice a week and give participants the chance to receive various rewards. All Alliance members can request their participation every Thursday and Sunday. The alliance master then selects the summoners and registers the alliance for battle. Alliance members can put their decks together 24 hours after registration. In the combat phase, each member has two chances to attack the bases of the opposing alliance members and thereby receive stars. The guild that was able to collect the most stars wins – depending on the battle results, the rewards are then distributed.

In addition to the new alliance game content, the Battle Pass will also be adjusted in Season 5 so that we will receive rewards for our progress even after completing level 30 and the difficulty level of some missions is balanced. In addition, some game modes have different options for combat modes and rules.

Summoners War Lost Centuria is released for platforms of Apple App Store and Google Play Store. To don’t miss any latest news about Summoners War: Lost Centuria follow the creators on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and the official website.

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