Fortnite – City Heroes

Suit up our spandex and break out that cape, it’s Heroes versus Villains in this ultimate showdown between the forces of good and evil! We’ll get to try out our newfound powers in the limited-time Super Powers!

Playlist, and earn Power Crystals from completing Hero Contracts and playing matches, which we can exchange for exclusive hero or villain items from the Hero Shop! Evil never rests and neither do we, so let’s dive right in!


This Event begins on August 31 until September, 14, 2021. From the moment we spawn onto the map, we’ll be granted a new super power that dramatically alters our (and our teammates’) approach to brawling. Powers like Super Ballform Bounce, which we can use to sneak up behind enemy lines, Ball Up, and roll onto a bouncepad to launch ourself into an Ultimate Throw, wiping out the opposition in the blink of an eye. Or, use our newfound Super Strength to pick up an opponent when tackling into them, then casually saunter over and take out the trash, sending them on a one-way-trip to the garbage heap. Every time we respawn, we’ll have the opportunity to try out a new ability, making getting KO’d all the more fun.

Try out every Super Power! When we’re knocked out, our superhero days aren’t over, we’ll spawn with a brand new power. With the advantages granted by each of the seven unique powers, we’ll be able to dominate and wipe out the enemy team like never before!

  • Ballform Bounce – While in Ballform, bounce pads will Ultimate Throw you!
  • Charge-Up – Gain extra overcharge from catches and passes!
  • Tackle Strike – Tackle your opponents to deal damage!
  • Double Jump – Jump again in the air!
  • Healing Powers – Heal your hearts back over time!
  • Strength – Pick up opponents by tackling them!
  • X-Ray Vision – See and target players through walls!

About Knockout city Heroes

While we fight the forces of evil, complete Contracts to receive Power Crystals, which we’ll be able to exchange in the Hero Shop for limited edition cosmetics. Some Contracts require mastery of one of our unique powers, like the Sticky Fingers contract, which we’ll complete after scoring 10 KOs with the Super Strength super power. There are 14 unique Contracts and 13 of them will grant 75 Power Crystals each. The final quest Contract, Hero’s Journey, is granted after we complete all the previous 13 Contracts, and gives us the Atomic Powered Ultimate Hologram. Will we choose to align with the scourge of the earth, and join forces with the Viper Leader? Get the Hero Bundle, and let fate be our guide as we try on all the Legendary items, including the V.I.P.E.R. Head, Captain KO Mask, Tech Gloves and Cybersuit! Or, be an agent of chaos and mix and match with the 5 included Style Chips. Scandalous! This entire bundle can be ours for just 2400 Holobux, over 30% off if purchased separately.

Every super brawler needs to not only strike fear into the opposition, but inspire hope in the hearts and minds of the bystanders. Because Knockout City is a city worth fighting for. We’ll find plenty more gear appropriate for our new Hero status in the Heroes Shop, where we can exchange our hard-earned Power Crystals for limited-time customizations like the Fly-By MVP pose, the perfect exit for any Superhero who just saved the team from certain destruction. If we’re coming up a little short, hop back into a Superheroes! Each match we complete will award Power Crystals based on our total Match XP. But be sure to spend our Power Crystals before the event ends. The Event ends on Tuesday, September 14, 2021 at 12:00 p.m. noon UTC.

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