SHIFTx – Feel. Future. Mobility.

What’s the potential of autonomous vehicles? Do we still need our cars? On September 2nd and 3rd SHIFTx is a festival of ideas and a digital global platform, that will explore the mobility of the future from numerous perspectives.

Be part of this discussion at SHIFTx as Johann Jungwirth, VP of Mobility-as-a-service (MaaS) at Mobileye, explores the potential of autonomous vehicles.

Alain Visser. The CEO of Lynk & Co is convinced of sharing the car and said: „Why would you spend a lot of money for something you just use four percent of the time? It is insane,“ He will give surprising answers to some of the many questions about sustainable mobility, that will be addressed at SHIFTx.

Views of some experts

Autonomous vehicles so Jungwirth will reduce the deaths in traffic jam: “94% of 1.35 million traffic deaths per year are caused by human drivers, and tens of million injuries, finally we have a solution in sight.” Another positive effect of self-driving vehicles is also crucial for Jungwirth: “About 800 billion hours are wasted per year behind the steering wheel, we can give this time back to people.”

Another speaker at SHIFTx is Boyd Cohen. The founder and CEO of Iomob is building a next generation mobility on demand platform. At SHIFTx he will explain how he wants to reach his goal: to decarbonize transport: “The future of mobility will be intuitive, seamless and multimodal. Fewer vehicles will be owned by the end user, and instead, we will have easy access to any type of vehicle for single and multimodal journeys inside cities and also for journeys between cities. And this seamless experience will travel with us as we move around the world.”

The conference program of SHIFTx takes a look at topics like New Urbanism, New Dimensions of Mobility, Renewable Energy, Data Driven Mobility and Design and Mobility. The two-day conference will be streamed worldwide, and free registration is available online.

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