State of Robotics webinar 2021

The recent State of Robotics webinar. In this show the people of Digital Dream Labs present, on which projects respectively product they work at the moment. We can now watch it on demand on YouTube.

While the webinar was originally scheduled to be an hour long, our panelists stuck around a little longer so that the developer could answer some of the great questions that were posed by attendees during the live Q/A session.

Updates on the products of the developer

Vector 2.0

  • New Vector assets for OSKR Eye Animations Audio files
  • Escape Pod Update
  • Expand Support Documents
  • Repair center for Robots
  • Manufacturing Update

Cozmo 2.0

  • Cozmo App update
  • Repair center for Robots
  • Manufacturing update

Butter Robots

  • Continued Development for Garbage Brain More Robust Experience (Emotions, Random Events, Animations) Dialogue Generation has been Significant Increased
  • Manufacturing updates


  • Existing Overdrive App
  • InfiniDrive Update Kit Existing Consumers InfiniDrive App
  • InfiniDrive App Augmented Reality (AR) New Gameplay Experience (story/characters/cars) Remote Multiplayer Mode
  • Beta Driver Program Sign up at

Digital Dream Labs’ CEO, Jacob Hanchar, also gave attendees a glimpse of the company’s new offices in Pittsburgh and discussed the progress towards beginning production of the pre-ordered robots.

To don’t miss any latest news about Digital Dream Labs follow the developer on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, Instagram and the official website or subscribe Our Planet of Entertainment.

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