Weapon of Choice DX – Released

Now on all consoles, indie developer Mommy’s Best Games releases its award-winning shooting creation, Weapon of Choice DX, to the world.

Weapon of Choice DX is a short and sweet run and gun shooter, with 4 unique endings and 7 difficulty settings. Play sessions are quick, around 10-15 minutes, but offer plenty of variety and surprises. We can dynamically choose new directions in which to proceed and discover new levels and characters.  The DX version improves on the award-winning XBLIG hit with difficulty rebalancing, hidden collectibles, a new widescreen layout, and uprezzed 4K art.

lead designer Nathan Fouts said: “I looked at every aspect of the beloved run and gun genre and tried to introduce something original and exciting. It’s still a hand-crafted shooting adventure, not a rogue-like, but there are lots of fun twists”.

Weapon of Choice DX is now available on Playstation 5 and Playstation 4, Nintendo Switch and Xbox One.

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For more information about this game visit our latest post.

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