Fall Guys – Season 5 updates

After the exclusive announcement during the Opening Night Live of gamescom 2021, Mediatonic today announced the launch of its new collaboration with Disney.

The latest update brings four costumes of The Jungle Book’s most popular characters and a special limited-time event with special rewards to Fall Guys. It will be possible to purchase the costumes of Mowgli, Shir-Khan and Balu one after the other in the in-game store, in order to then travel through the jungle world of season 5 of Swing Fall Guys.

Limited time available

Mowgli Costume – September 3-6
Shir Khan costume – September 7th to 9th
Balu costume – September 10-12
The fourth costume is the King Louie costume and will be available exclusively through the limited-time King Louie event. To get it, all you have to do is achieve the required number of points during the event period (September 3rd to 12th). In addition to the costume, there are numerous other rewards.

Jungle Book Nickname: 200 points
Kaa pattern: 400 points
King Louie costume (bottom): 800 points
King Louie Costume (Above): 1100 points
King Louie name badge: 1400 points
Jungle Book Emote: 1700 points

Six new Rounds

The Blunderdome Construction Crew have let their imaginations run wild with six delightfully adventurous Rounds— including an all new Final! Each is packed with fresh mechanics, tactical innovations.

Pegwin Pool Party

Crash the Pegwin Pool Party! This solo take on Pegwin Pursuit drops us into a watery wonderland of zippy slides and glistening water pools, with the sole goal of grabbing those pesky Pegwins. The longer we cling on, the more points we’ll gain, so get zooming across those multiple floors and grab for victory!

Bubble Trouble

Bubble Trouble is a five-way arena bout that’s all about rapid-fire beans and bubble poppin’ dreams! Zip between the obstacle-filled active zones to rack up the points and collect our way to glorious qualification.

Lily Leapers

Bounce to the bean rhythm of Lily Leapers, where jump control and aerial precision are the keys to avoiding a watery dip! Conquer each layer by leaping from drum to drum, avoiding low-flying competitors and keeping an eye out for that perfect landing.

Lost Temple

Intrepid beans are invited to explore the shape-shifting wonders of the Lost Temple in a frantic dash for the crown. Attempts to discover the perfect route through its fiendish rooms are futile, as the path to victory is ever-changing!

Stompin’ Ground

The beans have stumbled into Rhino territory and they are not amused! Dash, dive and dodge in a hectic escape from three mechanical Rhinos who love nothing more than sending us to the slime. Drum pads may bounce us to safety, but in Stompin’ Ground, only the agile will qualify.

Treetop Tumble

Treetop Tumble will have us tackling our own stumbling storyline, with branching routes to the finish line through multiple layers of chaos. Filled with all new obstacles, including perilous Log Swings and Expanding Frogs, we’ll need to tumble with caution.

Countdown to Limited Time Events!

The developer debuting her Limited Time Events feature, bringing a whole new way to conquer the Blunderdome that’s absolutely packed with limited-time challenges and unique rewards for players of all skill levels.

These extra-special occasions will be dropping throughout Season 5, with each Limited Time Event unlocking a treasure-laden pathway to untold riches (well..rare costumes, emotes, nameplates, patterns and other desirable treats)

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