Train Life: A Railway Simulator

NACON and Simteract announced that Train Life: A Railway Simulator will be available via Early Access on Steam. A train simulator to experience and control the management system as the boss of your Railway company.

First announced in February 2021 as part of NACON’s Life franchise, Train Life: A Railway Simulator will be the first of five upcoming simulation games. From August 31, 2021, fans of train and management games can get a first look at the project via early access on Steam.

About In Train Life: A Railway Simulator

We have to take over the management of a railway company in order to make it the largest in Europe. This includes a variety of tasks, such as hiring train drivers, buying new trains, or other contractual goals. This particular management aspect is supported by the game’s detailed train and drive system. NACON and Simteract paid special attention to the modeling of the trains to ensure that the game is both fun and authentic.

Early Access

During the Early Access period, new content will be added regularly, including some legendary trains and eventually 10,000 km across Europe. This wealth of detail and scope, together with the dynamic weather, make every trip a special experience.

Train Life: A Railway Simulator will be available in Early Access via Steam on August 31, 2021 and at a later date in the Epic Games Store.

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