Metal Mind

Yooreka’s upcoming top-down shooter Metal Mind also received the Gamescom treatment with a brand-new gameplay trailer that takes a deeper look into how the game’s robust customization options can change gameplay.

Metal Mind combines Mecha designs and roguelike gameplay for all-out pixel robot combat. We can forge our own suit builds with unique transformations to deal maximum damage.

About Metal Mind

Metal Mind is a top-down shooting game that combines Mecha transformations and Roguelite, inspired by Metal Max and other Roguelites. You are presented with various American Mechas and thrilling weapons in pixel art. AWC, an organization composed of politicians, scientists, engineers, and secret agents, believes that robots should not have sentience and has begun arresting robots around the world to deprive them of their higher functions and enslaving them. As a robot that has awoken, the character will encounter arms dealers, scientists, fellow robots, Chappie, RoboCop, and Pilot on its journey against oppression.Feel and experience what is freedom to a being made of metal and wires.

Yooreka is also releasing free demos during Gamescom for its upcoming games Metal Mind, Mohism and Extremely Realistic Siege Warfare Simulator. All three demos can be downloaded directly from the Steam pages, which are linked above.

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