Includes a fully voice-acted story about magical girls, elves, and a bisexual sorceress. Play in standard or VR mode. The erotic RPG game, Iragon, for Steam, is now 1047% funded on Kickstarter thanks to the support of 2000 backers!

Everybody who works at Repulse loves fantasy anime, the developers are huge fans of shows like Attack on Titan, and Full Metal Alchemist. They also like to play visual novels. When the developer finished their last virtual reality game, they asked herself: What if they could combine the elements the developers love most about anime and visual novels in a fully interactive VR experience.

Story of Iragon

We play in the game as Darick, a poor kid from a small village. Everything for him changes when he meets Brianna, a bisexual sorceress who is being hunted by the empire. To help her, we must learn to use magic, but the only way to really protect her is to accompany her on a journey into a dangerous frozen world. Along the way, we will battle armies, witches, and demons while we unlock new erotic adventures.

So this is ultimately a game about living out a high fantasy adventure, with a strong emphasis on putting us in control. It is meant to be experienced in VR, but the developer dedicated an equal amount of care to deliver a standard version that will work for us who do not have a VR headset.  

On Kickstarter we find a free Demo to try out Iragon.


  • Interactive erotic scenes.  
  • An Interactive story with choices that affect the world
  • A full world with multiple levels and distinct environments
  • Magic Combat System
  • Melee Combat System
  • Weapons and Magic upgrade system 
  • Destructibles

The content of Iragon

Standard routes:

5 different girls, we can romance, touch, undress, and most importantly fuck them all. Each with unique personalities, motion-captured animations, full voice acting, and custom-designed sexy outfits.

Lesbian routes:

Not only can we have intimate experiences with the girls in the story, but we can also watch them together in hot lesbian action. we can even get in the middle, all with a fully interactive mode.


Be the hero, live the story, and go on an adventure of a lifetime while we immerse ourselves fully in the world of Iragon, with a complete animated story and full voice acted cast. (Skip options also available for those who prefer to just get on with slaying witches and laying beautiful looking girls.)


Cast spells, collect loot, upgrade, interact with NPC’s, go on quests, fight bosses. It has everything we would expect from a fantasy RPG game.


To support Iragon and achieve the nex stretch goal that is to form the Body type, that means girls can be big or small, tall or short, flat or curvy, pal or tan. On Kickstarter we also find a free Demo to try out Iragon.

To don’t miss any latest news about Iragon follow the creators on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Kickstarter and the official website or subscribe Our Planet of Entertainment.


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