The Daewon Song, named Skater of the Year by Thrasher Magazine in 2006 and inducted into the Skateboarding Hall of Fame in 2017, honors NACON with Session.

introduces, the new skateboarding title from crea-ture Studios Inc. . This was also the opportunity to announce the new update, which is available in Early Access on Steam (PC), Xbox Series X | S and Xbox One.

Inspired by the golden era of skateboarding, Session’s primary goal is to make our experience what skateboarding really is; an incredible culture where there are no other goals other than expressing our creativity and achieving success through hard work, perseverance and bits of madness for no one else other than ours self.


  • True Stance Stick controls: Don’t be fooled by copycats and experience the real pioneering dual stick board control feature! Session offers for the first time a per foot stick control giving you the full power in our hands where each stick represents a foot. Careful though, skating switch now has a real meaning.
  • Video editing: Filming has always been a big part of the skateboarding culture. With Session’s video editor we can perform our tricks; edit, and create a montage in-game.
  • Explore skate spots: New-York which helped shape what street skating is today. Recreated on a 1:1 scale and supported by grounded and realistic skate physics, get the feel of what it is to skate the infamous Brooklyn Banks and the fresh twist of the surrounding financial district of Manhattan.

Notice: Session: Skateboarding Sim Game requires a controller in order to play. Playing with a keyboard and mouse isn’t supported.

Early Access

Session is at the moment in the Early Access and it’s contains already the core features of the game that the developer felt were necessary to include from the start in order to give us a solid enough experience as well as allow the developer to get feedback on important aspects. However, Session is still under development and some features will be changed through the development process. So the final product may vary from what we see.

To don’t miss any latest news about Session follow the creators on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Steam and the official website or subscribe Our Planet of Entertainment.

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