Len’s Island

Len’s Island is an upcoming Indie Action Adventure game made by Flow Studio. In this game we will be able to build, farm for ourselves and others character in the game and explore the landscape.

Experience your own path. Whether it’s building the home of your dreams, tending to your crops and watching the sun go down; or explore the mysteries of the Island and the darkness underneath.

About Len’s Island

We’re new to town, with only the tools in our backpack and a can-do attitude we build a new life for ourselves on the beautiful island nearby. Unravel the dark secrets the island holds as we venture deeper into the caves to search for what past travellers have sought after. Len’s Island is a blend of peaceful building, farming and crafting, mixed with intense combat, dungeon battles and exploration.


  • Build the home of dreams. We can build wherever we want, make it as big as we want, and choose from a range of materials to let our creativity run wild! Len’s Island uses a unique modular building system that allows anyone to feel like a seasoned home designer.
  • Looking for some more action? Len’s Island is a fast-paced, skill-driven dungeon crawler with a strong focus on engaging a wide range of combat types and load out combinations. If we’re getting bored of building our home, tending to our crop sand meeting the local townsfolk, there are deep, dark caves below the island with plenty to explore.
  • Tend to our crops. Use farms to grow the food that fuels our ventures into the dungeons and long days exploring the Islands; as well as grow exotic plants and flowers to sell back to the villagers for gold. Grow large-scale farms through out the forest, or care for small garden beds on your balcony. Or if we’re not the green-thumb type, place some pot plants and call it a day.
  • Explore the world and rebuild our surroundings. Len’s Island focuses on rewarding adventurers, whether it’s finding a long lost sword to claim as our own, rebuilding an old broken bridge or finding secret rooms in the dungeons. There are many secrets to uncover on the island and below it.

Flow Studio is proud to announce that action-adventure island, Len’s Island will launch on Steam Early Access for PC and Mac on 5th November 2021 for £19.49 / $24.99.

Kickstarter campaign

Len’s Island launched a successful Kickstarter Campaign raising AU$ 58,579. The success on Kickstarter allowed development to progress from a solo project into a small indie team developing a game with AAA scope. Len’s Island isself-published and all other funding has been supplemented by the owner, Julian Ball.

To don’t miss any latest news about Len’s Island follow the creators on Twitter, YouTube, Steam and the official website or subscribe Our Planet of Entertainment.

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