Fortnite – Season 8

Epic Games announces the start of Season 8 of Fortnite Battle Royale Chapter 2. After the grand finale of season 7 in the Dr. Slone has betrayed everyone, only one bigger threat lies ahead: The Cubes.

The most important things of the new season are:

“The Sideways”: A gloomy, monster-populated reality, in which gravity is weaker and building is impossible. The dice not only bring corruption to the island, but also portals to this mysterious reality, so-called “sideways anomalies”, through which this reality influences everything and everyone. As a result, certain points on the map are influenced by the sideways in every match and become so-called “sideways zones”. To fight the local monsters there are new “Sideways weapons”, such as the “Sideways machine gun” or the “Sideways minigun”

Omnipresent Cube Danger: The cubes are omnipresent and spread their corruption, dying especially concentrated around the wrecked mother ship. In the fight against the cubes, this is one of the best places to go, as some of the alien technology is still intact. In addition, so-called “shadow stones” can be found around the crash site, which make it possible to briefly assume a shadowy shape.

Lead the fight: In order to survive the new danger, when & all pull together and invest their sterility in the various construction projects, for example to set up self-firing systems. It is also necessary to make decisions about which further countermeasures should be implemented. To support the battle, J.B. Chimpanski also returned two well-known weapons: the automatic sniper rifle and the harpoon cannon.

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