Gelatinous: Humanity Lost

Gelatinous: Humanity Lost, coming to Kickstarter September 16. Gelatinous: Humanity Lost a retro platforming adventure is being developed for physical release on the Nintendo Game Boy.

Indie publisher The Retro Room, who are the creators of Quest Arrest, publisher of Chip’s Challenge 2021 SNES/MD re-release, has teamed up with freshman game designer Steven Long to develop and release a brand-new game for the original Game Boy system.

About Gelatinous: Humanity Lost

Gelatinous: Humanity Lost stands on the shoulders of retro classics like Castlevania, Mega Man, and Metroid to bring an all-original sprawling adventure. Spanning 7 unique areas, packed with detail, Gelatinous takes us on a journey through Aztec pyramids, into forgotten laboratories, down a dangerous jungle river, and right into the belly of a beast. We begin with nothing. No attacks. Not even the ability to jump. To survive and progress, we must solve the temple maze, discover ancient secrets, and unlock the powers of our gelatinous form.

About Kickstarter Campaign

Just a few days out from the Kickstarter launch, the Gelatinous team already has a completely playable prototype. The Kickstarter campaign will cover the costs for production and distribution. The launch is slated for early September, with the aim of distributing the Kickstarter Edition of Gelatinous before the end of the year. The Kickstarter Edition will include the Game Boy-compatible cartridge and a manual in a retro-inspired “GameBro” box. The team is still exploring additional swag items like fold-up posters, stickers, pins, and other swag. The all-original soundtrack will also be available digitally–and possibly on cassette as well.

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