EVE Online – Update

CCP Games unveils a new training experience for novice capsuleers in EVE Online on the Singularity test server. In addition, skill plans and other updates to the skill system will be added.

New players can complete their initial capsule pilot training after their arrival in New Eden at the Association for Interdisciplinary Research (AIR), be recruited by it and allied with established corporations. Then they can follow the EVE Academy career path with certified skill plans or use skill plans created by other players.

Game experience for new players

This update to the new player experience in EVE Online is the first step in significantly improving the introduction to New Eden for us. New capsuleers will be more ready than ever to be recruited, trained and integrated by veteran capsuleers. All details about the changes and the game experience for new players can be found on the devblog. The Association for Interdisciplinary Research (AIR) is a new corporation with a focus on researching and developing new technologies in various industries. The new training program for capsuleers from AIR WILL provide New Eden and the existing player corporations and alliances with waves of new pilots and, above all, potential candidates to recruit and train. AIR’s new and improved technology is secret and may be at risk due to the high level of interest from other parties in New Eden.


We will be introduced to the Association for Interdisciplinary Research (AIR), a new technology-focused organization making a splash on New Eden’s corporate landscape. AIR’s main goal is the pursuit of scientific knowledge through a variety of research and development endeavors. One such endeavor is the AIR Capsuleer Training Program, a project designed to help pilots achieve their dreams of becoming the best and brightest Capsuleers in New Eden. Upon entering the game, we pass through the most critical stages of AIR’s Capsuleer program, waking up in our newly designed clone bodies and acclimatizing to our pod. As we progress through our journey, we will meet Aura, our trusty AI companion. We will encounter a new cast of characters (including high-ranking AIR executives), as well as fly cool spaceships through breath-taking vistas, engage in pulse-pounding combat, and – of course – make some money.

The AIR NPE is the result of careful introspection of previous iterations of EVE’s new player journey. The hope is to bring us the best of all those worlds while also presenting us with something new and exciting in its own right. This fresh take on the NPE seeks to give purpose and context for every move Capsuleers make, assisted each step of way by a suite of new tools and capabilities designed with new players in mind.

Skill plans

Skill plans ensure optimized and simplified progress through EVE’s many skills and development paths. This feature allows us to create a list of skills without having to buy and inject them first. A skill plan is an ordered list of skill levels with specific goals that we can create and track ourselves in order to optimize our training and address our desired gaming experiences and challenges in EVE. All details about the new feature can be found in the Skillplan Devblog. The changes to the game experience for new players and the new skill plans are already available for all players on the Singularity test server. The New Player Experience and Skill Plans are both still in the works, so elements of both innovations will still need some tweaking before they are released.

More immersive experiences

  • More immersive experiences and faster iteration: All of the content in the AIR NPE is built through a brand new nodegraph editor, meaning that every single battle, direction, player activation, proximity trigger etc. is visually mapped in a nodegraph editor that can be monitored live while playing through the new content.
  • More dynamic visuals: One of the key elements required to create a modern new player journey is increased cinematic power. To put greater focus on scenes, enemies, ships or landmarks, or heighten the drama, action points or set pieces, brand new cinematic camera tools have been developed. The power of the weapons systems and the grandness of ships and fleets can be displayed more prominently and with greater diversity.
  • Gradual UI reveal: The UI in EVE is a lot to take in, so to begin with players will get maximum exposure to space with no UI elements. Those UI elements are then gradually revealed as the story progresses, anchoring each section of the player’s display in contextual story beats.
  • Improved UI highlighting: UI highlighting works. It always scores well with new players and has made a big difference cutting through the clutter and improving direction. Now, UI highlighting can blink, take on more colors, have more versatile placements and clearer guidance in many forms.
  • An integrated intro video: A new intro video will ground us in the story while highlighting the rich and vibrant tapestry of EVE Online’s many possibilities. New video scenes integrated into the gameplay showcase the boarding of the new ship.
  • Beautiful visuals: Several art assets were built for the AIR NPE with the aim of making it the most beautiful and immersive experience possible. This includes several assets such as a massive station wreck, new types of explosions, background, ship SKINs, and more.

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