Guild Wars 2 Updates

Guild Wars 2 we can look forward to three new elite specializations for our characters. They’re part of the first playable preview of the game’s next expansion, End of Dragons.

Anyone who logs into Guild Wars 2 on September 21st from 6:00 p.m. CEST can create up to three new characters that will automatically be upgraded to level 80 – for the new elite specializations of Blade Sworn, Law Seeker, and Catalyst for the Warrior classes, Revenant and Elementalist. The beta will last until September 25th and will be accessible to everyone, including play-for-free accounts.

Each of the new elite specializations represents a new variant of the underlying classes from Guild Wars 2 and opens up new ways to play. At the same time, it offers everyone new ways of expressing themselves through brand new skills and abilities.

These three archetypes dig deep into Cantha’s history to use their unique powers:

Warrior – Blade Sworn

The Blade Jury is capable of wielding a unique Canthan weapon, the shotgun saber. Available only to the bladed jury, this weapon uses cartridges infused with magical, enriched amber from the heart of the mines in Echo Forest, energizing both the saber and its bearer, giving them unprecedented power. Combining the benefits of a bladed weapon and a firearm, the shotgun saber expands the warrior’s fighting power with this new technology and enables him to carry out devastating attacks with explosive power with his saber.

To wield such a dangerous weapon, the Blade Jury swaps his adrenaline for a river that builds up as the battle progresses. During combat, Blade Jury we must maintain a delicate balance between efficiently using our weapon ammunition and auxiliary skills, as well as switching to the dragon trigger at the right time to unleash our full attack potential.

Revenant – Vindicator

Like a wrecking ball, the seeker swings into battle and uses stamina and energy to knock down his opponents in rows and to support allies. The revenant’s elite specialization, “Seeker of Law”, can access the greatsword to bridge the distance to enemies, hold the line and defeat multiple enemies at once. The focus of this specialization, which gathers and unleashes fog from the sword, is on fighting multiple adversaries and creating dangerous situations that opponents find it difficult to escape.

The seeker also unlocks the champions of the Luxon and Kurzick as a legendary alliance with two natures. The abilities of this legend work like ebb and flow, with the Luxon Archemorus’ abilities encouraging selfish and aggressive behavior and Saint Viktor the Kurzick encouraging defensive and supportive behavior. Each of these abilities switches to their opponent’s ability when used, causing the place to jump to cooldown. This creates a style of play that is characterized by back and forth.

Elementalist – Catalyst

Catalysts were wizards from a bygone era designed to protect Cantha and the throne from enemy threats. They had intricate apparatuses called spheres that served as conduits for their immense power. This technology has now been revitalized again – and provided with some improvements. Catalysts infuse their jade tech spheres with ancient magic and summon images from across Tyria to focus them in a powerful volley of elemental energy.

The catalyst is primarily a damage dealer who skillfully controls areas of the battlefield. After building elemental energy through combat, he can use and maintain the Jade Sphere to create an area of ​​power that strengthens allies and inflicts damage on opponents. The hammer gives the catalytic converter access to a mixture of skills for middle-range and close-range combat. These skills enable him to adapt to the situation at hand.

The final three Elite Specializations will be revealed in advance of the third End of Dragons Beta, which begins October 26th and lasts through October 30th. One final beta event with all nine classes will take place in November.

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