Roniu’s Tale

Roniu’s Tale is a top-down puzzler with action elements. While levels are designed to have one or more paths, each step Roniu takes will cause the tiles to break as he passes and enemies to attack.

With logic and magic at our side, it’s up to us to help Roniu locate the orbs and keys he needs to escape.

About Kunjee Studios

Kunjee Studios was created in 2019 with one goal in mind: bringing retro games to life. With decades of combined experience, they are a group of passionate industry veterans looking to create brand-new IPs for consoles we’ve come to love.


Roniu’s Tale Kickstarter has only 24 hours left and we have just unlocked our final stretch goal! At almost 500% percent funded. The developer have just unlocked her final stretch goal. We can follow the project on Kickstarter.


  • 40+ Levels of Dangerous Pathways
  • Head Scratching Puzzles
  • A Whirlwind of Enemies and Epic Bosses
  • Jungle Ruins, Lava & Dungeon Pixel-Immersive Mechanics
  • Intuitive & Precise Controls

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