Independent game developers Metagalaxy Panda released the Early Access version of Anti-TuringTest, the rogue-like card battler game on Steam.

In Anti-TuringTest, we don’t know if we are a robot or human, and there is no background story told at the beginning. Fight with enemies (neither human nor robots), and respawn again and again. Every reset will provoke our capabilities and bring us closer to understanding the trials of Anti-TuringTest. Get tungsten points after each combat, upgrade the character, cards, and get stronger.

The developer says: “Although the game doesn’t look decent currently due to lack of budget, from the Close Testing many players like the combat system and feel the fun of the deep tactic of game playing, therefore, encourage us to release the game earlier. We hope this game can show such core creative gameplay, and find those who like this genre.”


  • Strategy playing based on DBG style
  • Fragmented story: We have buried the truth and history into every one of your journey
  • Endgame growth system: After every game, your achievement will be calculated into Tungsten points. 
  • Weapon: The second character only can use weapons, and the weapon has attack, defend, tactic 3 types. Good use of the combination of weapons can turn the tide of battle.
  • Brand new playing mechanics: Use those cards to charge up your weapon, use its last remaining heat.

The Early Access version of the game will cost $10.99 original price, and 10% off when fully released. This will go a long way to support the budget for development and in improving the game visuals.

To don’t miss any latest news about Anti-TuringTest follow the creators on Steam, Reddit and YouTube or subscribe Our Planet of Entertainment.

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