F1 Mobile Racing

Codemasters and Electronic Arts today released the 2021 Season Update for F1 Mobile Racing, the official free-to-play * handheld video game of the 2021 FIA Formula One World Championship.

With over 35 million downloads worldwide, F1 Mobile Racing takes the action to a new level: real-time PvP races, global high-stakes challenges, improved graphics and the new career mode coming soon with another update.

Players sit behind the wheel of the official cars of the FIA ​​Formula 1 World Championship 2021 or design their own F1 car and compete against the clock or intelligent AI opponents on the official racetracks of this season with real players. Improved sound and the graphic overhaul make F1 Mobile Racing more engaging, and new content and events are added regularly.

Building on the success since its launch in 2018, F1 Mobile Racing is refining and expanding functions such as vehicle development and modification and is about to launch its new career mode. The players can choose a team from the current F1 season, upgrade their car and be at the top of the podium in the premier class of motorsport.

says Vincent Meulle, Executive Producer at Codemasters said: “With its season update for 2021, F1 Mobile Racing is taking a big step forward. This time the focus is on the improved representation of the captivating Formula 1 action through a complete graphic overhaul as well as refined gameplay and new game functions ”


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