We follow the story of Evan Pettiwhisker Tom, a boy who has lost his promised throne in the Kingdom of Katzbuckel and is looking for a new kingdom to shelter his world with the help of the friends he finds on his journey to unite a reign of happiness and freedom.

The PRINCE’S EDITION will contain the following DLCs in addition to the standard game:

Adventure Pack: New outfits and items as well as the remote control room random dungeon and new threats for Evans Kingdom.
The Spirit King’s Labyrinth: Evan embarks on a new and extraordinary quest in a new world. New items, equipment and a new dungeon “Labyrinth” are also included in the DLC.
Magical memories: During a dream, Evan meets a rabbit-headed man who calls himself a “conductor”. We will explore Evan’s dream and find the goal of it all. A new location is also included with the Colosseum.

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