Sims 4 – Season of Selves

EA and Maxis have published the roadmap for the “Season of Selves” for The Sims 4. Simmers get an insight into the upcoming content, with which we can explore and celebrate all facets of our Simlischen selves.

We can look forward to new content, which break boundaries and norms, are interested in self-realization and creativity, offer the Sims’ rooms new dimensions with colors and play in a completely new way.

Die Sims 4 Fashion Street-Set

For the latest kit offering, The Sims™ is taking us to this beautiful corner of the world, and unlocking the distinct style one would encounter there. To do so, The Sims has collaborated with its friend and fashion expert Shruti Sitara Singh to co-create a comprehensive and authentic wardrobe of vibrant color, high-contrast patterns, iconic silhouettes and trendy statement pieces that can be integrated into a Sim’s closet. Shruti Sitara Singh is an art-meets-fashion curator, creating immersive narratives that intersect art, music, theater, design and culture. She was born, raised and currently based in Mumbai.

Die Sims 4 Incheon Style-Set

When visiting Seoul, your first experience with the South Korean metropolis is likely through the Incheon International Airport. Rated as one of the busiest, cleanest, and technologically-advanced airports in the world, Incheon is an incredible introduction to the nation’s rich and vibrant culture. Incheon is also a prime destination to experience South Korea’s revered style.

The Sims has collaborated intently with Cho to bring The Sims 4™ Incheon Arrivals Kit to life, and she made sure we stayed true to K-fashion’s trendy foundations. Cho, a Korean-American, grew up as a competitive studio dancer in Southern California. She took a liking to the variety of styles of costumes she performed in, but it also encouraged her to explore her Korean heritage.

Free updates for The Sims 4

In addition, we can enjoy even more additional content in The Sims 4. The new update adds new “Create A Sim” elements such as outfits and hairstyles inspired by the new looks from The Sims 4 Fashion Street and Incheon Style sets. With today’s update, Die Sims is once again emphasizing the need to bring more content to the game. With a total of over 1,000 additional color variants, spread over 100 construction objects, it WILL be possible for us to become even more creative and to design our construction creations even more innovative.

At the beginning of the “Season of Selves”, we can revise the style of our Sims and let our creativity run free with the two new fashion sets The Sims 4 Fashion Street Set * and The Sims 4 Incheon Style Set *. The selection of new, trendy clothes and stylish accessories was inspired by trends from Mumbai’s Fashion Street and the catwalk corridors at Incheon Airport and offers new ways to spice up the looks of the Sims. The two sets will be available from October 5th for PC and Mac via Origin and Steam, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, Playstation 5 and Xbox Series X | S.

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