Fortnite: Nightmares

Epic Games announced the return of Fortnite: Nightmares. The event will be bigger this year than it used to be, with regular updates throughout October.

Fortnite: Nightmares brings Halloween-themed cards, games, and experiences created by the community as part of the Fortnite: Nightmares Appeal. All content can be found in the mode menu under “Fortnite: Nightmares” and throughout the month, cards will reveal legendary monsters making their way to the Fortnite Item Shop, as well as classic Fortnite characters getting new Halloween twists.

The following things are still in store for this year’s Halloween event:

  • New and Recurring Outfits: Over the course of the month, cards will reveal legendary monsters that will appear in the Fortnite item shop, as well as classic Fortnite characters that have been given a new Halloween look. With each debut in the item shop, a card is flipped over on this regularly changing page
  • Iconic Creatures: Iconic creatures include the Universal Pictures-inspired Frankenstein’s Monster and The Mummy, both of which are part of the Universal Monster Set
  • Real scary fun: Throughout October, the battle bus and various Fortnite cosplay characters will be seen at the Universal CityWalk near Universal Studios in Hollywood. In addition to some well-known characters, there will also be some as yet unknown figures, who will then also be available in the item shop on the same day.
  • Short Nite: Nightmares: To conclude Fortnite: Nightmares 2021, the third Short Nite Film Festival will take place. As in previous Short Nites, Short Nite: Nightmares will feature animated short films, but this time with a focus on creepy and sinister things. Plus, this Short Nite will be hosted in a Quantum Builds-built movie theater, where each short film will be shown in its own space.

The events of Fortnite Chapter 2 – Season 8 will also continue into October as the Dice expand their rule of the island during the course of their month. There will be a new weapon from the tipping world and recurring Halloween tricks for the resistance. Also, throughout October, we can visit the Battle Bus and Fortnite cosplay characters at Universal CityWalk, adjacent to Universal Studios Hollywood. Different characters will appear throughout the month, with special appearances by new Fortnitemares characters the day they go live in the Item Shop!

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