Alien Marauder – playtest

Independent game developer Vexan Studio has launched the open playtest for Alien Marauder, on Steam from Oct 10th (19:00 PT) – Oct 17th (19:00 PT).

The United Fusion Association has begun to organize multiple expeditionary forces to go and explore the planets available for mining. However, the loud noises have attracted the attention of the alien creatures “Vexans” who were hidden deep underground and they will launch crazy attacks.

About Alien Marauder

Alien Marauder is a real-time strategy game with a survival and confrontation theme. it is the year 2672, where the earth has just broken free from the shadow of the world war and is slowly entering a period of recovery. Humans have completed the fifth industrial revolution and a large number of fusion engines can even turn ordinary stones into fuel to provide a steady stream of energy. In this game, we will be the leader of a treacherous alien planet, build and defend a base to survive against the vaxan waves.


  • Survival Mode: Land in a completely randomly generated terrain, must build a base and defend against the “Vexan”.Can build barracks to recruit troops, collect various resources from the planet through the collection site. 
  • Defensive Mode: Land on a relatively empty terrain, and only gain resources by killing Vexan. Can increase base defense and army strength by gaining a random high-tech chip bonus for each successful wave, to enhance base defenses and troops, and build a base that can withstand the waves of Vexan’s attacks.
  • Hero System: Each hero has a different class of troops and buildings, plays and strategies are completely different. Each hero has his own army, and we can choose the game difficulty based on our preferences.
  • Vexan Legion: As the Lord of the galaxy, Vexan has a strong ability to reproduce, their numbers are hard to estimate. When we land on this planet, the leader of the Vexan has noticed our presence, and he will send his army to give us a surprise.

Alien Marauder will be an open player test, where everyone can join the test and download the game for free. Additionally, with the good feedback the game got, it has already launched on Kickstarter successfully.

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