Digital Dream Labs – Update the App

Several of the legacy apps for the OverDrive platform would be retired, the developer took steps to ensure that we will be able to continue racing with OverDrive 2.6. The developer announced that they have completed those updates.

Keep Racing with the OverDrive App

The developers listened to community feedback and this update is designed to allow all OverDrive customers to continue enjoying their racing experience. The latest update includes the following improvements:

  • Tutorial Mode – Added support for all OverDrive cars during tutorial. (Previously, the app only allowed users to race with Skull or Groundshock.)
  • More OverDrive Vehicles – Support for more OverDrive vehicles, including: Nuke Phantom, Mammoth and Dynamo. (Images and names associated with the OVERDRIVE: Fast & Furious Edition vehicles have been changed due to licensing expirations.)
  • Campaign Mode – Fixed issue in which users could not save / load their campaign progress while playing online.

Keep racing and download the OverDrive app for our Android or iOS device today!

Drive & OVERDRIVE Apps Being Retired
As noted in the last Update, several of the Drive and OVERDRIVE apps are unable to support all of the features found in the newest mobile devices. Subsequently, the following apps will be retired on October 15:

The removal of these apps from their respective stores will not impact our ability to enjoy apps which we have already downloaded. However, the Apps will no longer receive updates and Digital Dream Labs will no longer be able to offer technical support for these apps. (Moving forward, Android users can download installation files for these apps from our Support Center.)

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