Modding Tool – Power & Revolution 2021 Edition

Create our own geopolitical scenarios and share them with other players! Modding Tool DLC to Power & Revolution 2021 Edition

Two months ago, Eversim has released Power & Revolution 2021 Edition, a geopolitical simulation video game that takes place in today’s world. With the Modding Tool add-on, we can create and play contexts and scenarios (mods), as well as share them with other users. More than 800 mods are already shared and available for download.

A comprehensive creation tool, the modding add-on lets us:

  • Modify country data (economic, political, demographic, fiscal…)
  • Change international relations between countries (diplomatic alignment, military alliances…)
  • Transform world geography (merging countries, making regions independent, putting a new city on the map…)
  • Create new missions and scenarios that are highly developed and detailed (triggering protests, wars, disasters, political scandals, assassinations, national elections, character demands… with the option of defining several conditions for triggering these events, and editing game text…)
  • Remake history by creating scenarios starting in the past or the future, from the year 1900
  • Enrich the scenarios with new character faces and names, new logos and group names with the customization kit that can be used with the modding tool
  • Easily share your creations (host and download from our website, directly send mods from the game…)
  • Adjust game settings: level of difficulty, disasters, warmongering, terrorism, and unrest
  • Create multi-country playable mods
  • Adjust the level of destruction of cities and military bases
  • Create new organization and modify existing ones

To don’t miss any latest news about Power & Revolution – 2021 Edition follow the creators on Twitter, YouTube and the official website, scenario list or subscribe Our Planet of Entertainment.

For more information about this game visit our latest post.

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