Back 4 Blood – Released

Warner Bros. Games and Turtle Rock Studios released Back 4 Blood, a new dynamic first-person co-op zombie shooter. Back 4 Blood is available now and can be played with crossplay across all platforms and console generations.

Back 4 Blood was developed by Turtle Rock Studios, the award-winning developers of the popular Left 4 Dead franchise. It combines a dynamic co-op campaign with exciting gameplay and almost infinite replayability that can be played online with up to four players. With the PvP swarm mode (player vs. player), the game also offers a unique approach to a competitive, team-based strategy.

On YouTube we find the Back 4 Blood Launch Trailer:

About the Story

Back 4 Blood begins after a catastrophic outbreak in which the majority of humanity was either killed or infected by a parasitic devil worm. We take on the role of apocalypse veterans called Cleaners, a group of brave zombie hunters who take on the infected, the so-called Ridden, to take back the world.

Comments on Back 4 Blood

David Haddad, President by Warner Bros. Games said: “It was a great honor for us to release Back 4 Blood and to work with the amazing team at Turtle Rock Studios to bring gamers a new and exciting experience in the co-op zombie shooter genre,”

Chris Ashton, co-founder and director of design at Turtle Rock studios added: “This is exactly the game we had in mind for our passionate and committed community, and we are incredibly happy that the time has finally come for our fans to throw themselves into the fray.”

About Back 4 Blood

In Back 4 Blood there are eight playable characters who together make up the so-called “cleaners” and whose aim is to eliminate the infected. The diverse group is made up of Holly, Walker, Doc, Karless, Jim, Hoffman, Evangelo and Mom: each with their own unique set of perks and secondary weapons. Together they have to face a multitude of infected people, such as the giant tallboys, the wild breakers, the grotesque ogres, the screeching snitches, ravenous hags and many more.

Innovative card system

Back 4 Blood uses an innovative card system, a new rogue-lite component that further refines the experience with every playthrough. So every session becomes a unique experience and offers a high replay value. The entry into the various customization options of the card system is very easy and everyone of us can create an individual deck of cards. This is used against the game director, an adaptive A.I. started. The game director keeps an eye on the game behind the scenes and can add obstacles such as special infected mutations using special card modifiers, the so-called corruption cards. As we confront hordes of opponents, they can alter the gameplay by using certain cards to employ various strategies such as upgrading our equipment or reloading weapons against the game director.

Black 4 Blood swarm mode

Back 4 Blood’s swarm mode combines the elements of the game’s cooperative campaign with intense action and a new twist in PvP gameplay. Two teams of four people each compete against each other in rounds with two winning sets, while the teams take turns playing as cleaners or infected people. Scoring is based on how long the cleaners stay alive and withstand the attacks of the infected. The team that holds out the longest as a cleaner wins the match. When playing as Infected, we can choose between nine different types of Infected. Each infected person has their own unique abilities that can be enhanced with reinforcements called mutations. These can be used together to help the team turn the tide of a match.

Back 4 Blood is available now on Xbox Series X | S, Xbox One, PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4 and PC and can be played with crossplay across all platforms and console generations. Back 4 Blood is available on Xbox Series X | S and Xbox One consoles via Xbox Game Pass and on Windows PCs and mobile devices via Cloud Gaming (Beta) via Xbox Game Pass Ultimate. As “Xbox Play Anywhere” title for Xbox and Windows PCs, owners of Back 4 Blood can use both the Xbox and Windows PC versions with shared save data, game add-ons and achievements.

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