Over $370,000 Raised For Infinity

The Infinity Kickstarter campaign has wrapped up, with 3458 backers coming together to raise $370,823.04!

Having hit 2317% of the funding goal, this has allowed for a total of twenty stretch goals to be unlocked, including enhanced ports for Steam and Nintendo Switch; localization for French, Japanese, Spanish, Italian, and German; and both an in-game and arranged soundtrack piece composed by Yuzo Koshiro. This ultimately goes to show that the interest in retro gaming is strong; a Game Boy Color game that was canceled 20 years ago – as it was designed for a console that was seen as outdated – is today able to interest over 3000 backers.


  • Unique tactical battle system
  • A detailed world with over 50 explorable areas
  • The option to alternate at any time between “Wait” and “Action” battle modes, with 4 different speeds
  • A rich and complex plot that goes above and beyond what you would expect from an 8-bit portable RPG
  • Around 20 hours of gameplay
  • 6 playable characters, each with their own specialties  
  • An elaborate script with more than 3,000 lines of dialogue and 20,000 words (Longer than Final Fantasy II, and comparable to Dragon Warrior III)
  • Advanced graphical techniques that make the most of the humble Gameboy Color hardware
  • Ultra-customizable text window color gradient

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For more information about this game visit our latest post.

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