Those who Came – released

Independent development studios Rolldbox Games released their adventurous non combat-based RPG “Those who Came” on Steam as Early Access version.

“Those who Came” sums up certain aspects only imaginable in other games. While its competitors just combine party-based gameplay with combat or puzzle based gameplay with a cartoon style. The game of Independent development studios Rolldbox Games goes beyond mixing up non combat  RPG and party gameplay with a stylized feeling to it. Just what we needed to have fun with friends.

Being the first launch of  Rolldbox Games, “Those who Came” excels with an astounding combination of puzzles and environmental menaces that we must evade, requiring lateral thinking, communication, and most importantly cooperation! 

About Those who Came

In “Those who Came” we play as Sainen -migrants of another planet who wake up amidst a deranged world full of natural dangers and a not so friendly welcome from the native species. The objective is not to conquer the land but to heal the planet they arrived in and live at peace with their tenants. A win-win of a sci-fi kind!  “Those Who Came” eliminates the frustration many other gameplays leave by making a fun and conscious environment. Positive gaming is the main goal for “Those who Came” and certainly each party will leave us with a sense of satisfaction and well done teamwork. The developer can assure us that this game will soothe anyone out of a heavily loaded day, bringing a sense of belonging in the process.


  • Non-class defined RPG: Equip different types of suits and mods, configuring the own class style, in combination with the magics!
  • Complete multiplayer experience: Always from a cooperative perspective, play together exploring the surface in a PvE environment, or fight against other players at the Arena.
  • Craft awesome gear: Through materials or fragments, we can create new suits and mods that will enhance the suits & magic capabilities.
  • Community matters: This is not only our story, but a global objective. Find all our friends inside, and heal Solarus!
  • Gather our crew: Each map has its own characteristics, but crews will always be from two to seven players.


In 2454, an intergalactic species called the Sainen, were forced into exodus. 200 years later, the explorers have been awakened, a mission has to be accomplished: reach the new Solarus world and make it their new home. As the Sainen, a strong and resilient civilization, we must explore and evolve inside a deadly and collapsing world! When they arrive on the planet, they will discover that despite being a desolate place they are not alone: the Torek live in caves, surviving the great cataclysm. Sainen’s objective is not to conquer the land but to heal the planet they arrived in and live at peace with their tenants. Together, Sainen and Torek will bring the planet back to life, forging a strong and deep connection in the process. A win-win of a sci-fi kind!

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