Electronic Arts is bringing real superstar treatment and a new ice hockey experience to ice hockey fans around the world with EA SPORTS NHL 22. Thanks to the power of the Frostbite Engine, all real players and arenas have an unrivaled level of detail, while the new Superstar X-Factors enable the biggest stars of the league to make new, class-based moves.

Auston Matthews, the Toronto Maple Leafs superstar center, whose world-class skills epitomize what it means to be an X-Factor on the ice, returns to NHL 22 after an incredible 2020-21 season and winning the Maurice “Rocket “Richard Trophy for most regular season goals back on EA SPORTS NHL cover.

Auston Matthews of the Toronto Maple Leafs said: “This year, Superstar X-Factors are introducing a new level of elite competition and strategy to the game, and fans can use my special ‘shock method’ ability for incredible shots on goal.”

The Frostbite Engine

The Frostbite Engine makes its debut in the EA SPORTS NHL franchise, helping NHL 22 take a giant leap forward in the franchise’s history of graphics. We are brought to life with revised player portraits, clothing animations and jersey micro-details and presented in higher resolution so that every seam is really visible. In addition to these improvements, we now have increased spatial awareness and react to our surroundings. In addition to increasing player detail and visual presentation, gameplay on the ice is also getting an upgrade to include physically correct bat interactions and many other gameplay enhancements for NHL 22.

Superstar X-Factors

The Superstars feel like their real idols in NHL 22 and feature Superstar X-Factors, a game-changing system that grants the best players unique traits and traits based on the skills of the real players. Superstar X-Factors introduce two key elements that make the best players stand out from the crowd: Zone Skills and Superstar Skills.

While zone skills are granted to the best game-changing players, superstar skills are reserved for superior athletes. Players like Leon Draisaitl from the Edmonton Oilers have enhanced the gameplay of NHL 22. Superstar X-Factors add new facets to the gameplay and add a new dimension to the modes Franchise, Be A Pro, Hockey Ultimate Team and World of CHEL.

Ice hockey inspires a diverse community of passionate fans who are united by the love of the sport, and NHL 22 pays tribute to this culture with numerous new features in various modes and a comprehensive live service plan after the launch. More information on the World of CHEL, Hockey Ultimate Team, Be A Pro and Franchise modes, as well as some long-awaited community features, will be available in the coming weeks.

EA SPORTS NHL 22 is developed by EA Vancouver and EA Romania and is available since October 15, 2021 for PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X | S, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

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