The Know Your Game event 2021

MAG Interactive, in cooperation with the Swedish Embassy in Berlin, created a special quiz on the subject of gaming on the occasion of an exhibition in Berlin that focuses on Swedish video game art. The quiz will be available from October 27th.

On October 27th and 28th, the Know Your Game event will be held for those interested in the gaming industry with a particular focus on Swedish game developers who are well-known and successful in Germany, including MAG Interactive with a new quiz duel.

Various lectures will be given by representatives of the gaming industry: While the first day of the exhibition will primarily provide information on economic issues such as game funding and game investment, the second day will be devoted to various Swedish game companies and their game designs.

Pär Hedelund, Quizduell Specialist at MAG Interactive and former Product Lead for New Quizduell, will talk about the design process behind the well-known trivia title, where the original idea came from and why a Swedish knowledge quizapp.

Tove Bengtsson, Marketing Communications Manager at MAG Interactive said: “We are very excited to be attending the gaming seminar at the Swedish Embassy in Berlin.

Per Thöresson, Swedish Ambassador to Germany said: “One in eight people worldwide has already played a Swedish game. We would like to get to the bottom of this success story in our event and are pleased that we have one of the most successful Swedish game exports in Germany on board with Quizduell, ”

The event is not just a network event for people from the gaming industry – everyone who is enthusiastic about this industry is invited to the seminar. Those who cannot be there are invited to follow the event in the livestream:

Day 1: October 27th | 19:30-00:00 | Business and Play – The Money
Stream via Zoom:

Day 2: October 28th | 15:30-19:00 | Wow! Moments – The Art and Craft of Designing Games
Stream via Zoom:

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