Fortnite – Nightmares 2021

Epic Games announced the start of the next phase of Fortnite: Nightmares 2021 with the arrival of the Dice Queen, Ruler of the Dice. With the new phase, numerous novelties come into play, including “The Convergence”, the rush of hordes and numerous new items.

With the appearance of the dice queen, there are numerous changes on the island. Since the first Fortnite: Nightmares event (and even before) the dice have been preparing for the invasion. On their way to the center of the island, however, they did not want to spread corruption, but are now forming a mysterious structure called “The Convergence”. Furthermore, new warriors of the dice queen appear for the first time: The guards – large, ominous, shadowy apparitions with ghostly tendrils.

Also back is the Horde Onslaught LTM, which will be available in Fortnite from 19 until November 2nd, 2 p.m. In this mode we and our team have to keep the dice monsters at bay and accumulate as many points as possible. When we have to defend different locations on the map and finally defeat the final boss in order to win. In addition to the onslaught of the hordes, there are also special onslaught orders with special rewards.

The new update also includes numerous new items, such as the Kippwelt scythe. Others are also celebrating their comeback, such as the witch’s broom or the pumpkin head thrower. In addition to the arrival of the dice queen and the return of the hordes onslaught, there will be a figure from new missions, in which spray motifs, contrails, pickaxes and other things can be unlocked.

The “Wrath of the Dice Queen” event ends on November 2nd at 2:00 pm, but the Dice Queen is far from appeased. The Kippwelt-Sense (and keeper) will remain in the game and “The Convergence” will continue to develop. Further details on the “Wrath of the Dice Queen” or the onslaught of the hordes can be found in the basic blog post.

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