Guild Wars 2: End of Dragons – Third beta

ArenaNet and NCSOFT announced the launch of the third beta for Guild Wars 2: End of Dragons, which begins today, the October 26th and runs through Saturday, October 30th.

It gives a first look at the last three new Elite Specializations that will be added to the expansion in February next year. The untamed lets the ranger become a ferocious hand-to-hand fighter who is able to channel the primal forces of his ability to “unleash”. The phantom transforms the thief into a shadow mage who wields a scepter to weaken enemies from afar. As the last member of the group, the mech driver gives the engineer a powerful mech ally who fights at his behest.

Each of the new elite specializations represents a new variant of the underlying classes from Guild Wars 2 and opens up new ways to play. At the same time, they offer new ways of expressing ourselfs through new skills and abilities. A detailed presentation of beta gameplay was announced on Friday, October 22nd at 9:00 p.m. on the Guild Wars 2 Twitch channel.

These three archetypes dig deep into Cantha’s history to use their unique powers:

Mechanist – Mech Driver

The Mech Driver is a dynamic innovator who uses his mechanical expertise and modern Canthan technology in battle alongside a Jade Mech of his own making. He can determine the properties of his mech and use it to eliminate opponents. Due to the selected specialization properties of the mech, its combat equipment is adapted and the mech orders are determined.

Mech Controllers can specialize in different roles in combat. They gain access to the mace as their new main hand weapon, which they can use to grant barriers to allies that interact strongly with certain traits of specialization. Seal Auxiliary Skills allow Mech Operators to give themselves and their Mech additional bonuses. These seals can have various effects, such as: B. the mech can send out a large protective force field in which allies can hide. He can also be ordered to create an electric field around him to confuse opponents or instruct him to use his ultimate weapon, the Jade Breaker Cannon.

Thief – phantom

With the help of its shadow veil, the phantom harnesses the powers of shadow magic to weaken its opponents and preserve the health of its allies. It has learned to control the shadows by diving right into them. With this new specialization, the thief sacrifices part of his initiative and receives a new resource called “shadow power”. Tapping replaces stealing and instead provides the ability to inflict conditions on enemies while creating shadow power.

With their scepter, phantoms hurl bolts of shadow magic at their adversaries. The weapon set includes new double attacks based on the available companion hand weapons. Enemies that get in the way of the phantom are dealt severe condition damage. The Phantom deploys Brunnen – a mobile method of using supportive and offensive play styles on the battlefield. Each well skill takes the phantom to its destination by shadow step and then creates a well at its feet, with the help of which opponents can be attacked or allies can be supported.

Ranger – Untamed

The untamed and their animal companion juggle control of a raw, primeval force to defeat their enemies. The animal companion weakens the untamed prey before they regain their fiendish, brute strength and deliver the final blow. The Untamed is a melee fighter with the ability to switch from an aggressive damage dealer to a defensive flogger. This transition is made possible by the ability “Unleash”, which transmits a powerful natural magic between the untamed and his animal companion.

Animal companions found in this unleashed state gain access to new abilities that disrupt and weaken nearby enemies. The bond between the untamed and their animal companions also gives the untamed more direct control over the standard skills of each animal companion. This way they can always strike at the right moment. The hammer that the untamed swing is also influenced by their “Unleashed” state, which allows the style of play to be adapted to the respective situation. The untamed receive access to the “Black Magic” skill type for their auxiliary skills. Black magic creates various defensive and group control effects, and gives the untamed the tools they need to be successful in hand-to-hand combat.

ArenaNet also presented the first tour of the expansion’s new maps with a glimpse of the lush, cherry blossom-strewn surroundings of Shing Jea Island. The video can be viewed here. Guild Wars 2: End of Dragons will have a final beta event in November, where all nine classes will be introduced and the Siege Turtle, the game’s first co-op mount, can be tried out for the first time.

afterwards, ArenaNet and DXRacer are giving away a Guild Wars 2 Racing Pro gaming chair during the End of Dragons Third Beta. By creating a beta character and logging in each day of the beta, it is possible to earn up to five tickets for the raffle for the chair and 4,000 gems, the game’s premium currency. Two further placements will each receive 4,000 gems.

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