Summoners War: Lost Centuria – The sixth season

The sixth season of the real-time PvP action game Summoners War: Lost Centuria from Com2uS is now available. The update contains some features that make it easier for new and inexperienced summoners to get started.

In Season 6 there is the new game content Exploration Combat, which enables us with a similar score to mock battles. Newcomers can first establish themselves in the game by testing their own deck composition and combat strategy in exploratory battles before challenging others in rank battles. We will receive stars and medals of fame, just like other combat modes. In addition, there is now information on recommended combinations of monsters and spells that will produce better effects when used together in the deck. Those who use these recommendations receive rewards in certain challenges.

The new season also introduces updates for two more game content. On the one hand, there is now a ranking system in the barrier fight. In this game mode, when & different decks are created for the specific obstacles of the barriers. From now on, decks for each barrier can be saved separately, which makes barrier battles a little more convenient. On the other hand, the alliance struggle is made more accessible. In order to allow even more summoners to participate, the number of participants has now been increased to 45. In addition, the list of participants from the previous Alliance fight is saved in order to facilitate the selection of us when registering for the next fight.

Finally, there are also four new shape changes to match the autumn season, which Halloween fans in particular get their money’s worth: Yaksha Hwa, Succubus Soha, Devilish Hraesvelg and Pumpkin Head Lushen.

Summoners War Lost Centuria is released for platforms of Apple App Store and Google Play Store. To don’t miss any latest news about Summoners War: Lost Centuria follow the creators on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and the official website.

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