Fortnite – The short film festival

Epic Games announced the launch of the third edition of Shortnite, which this time will bring fear, horror and entertainment. The short film festival within Fortnite will run from midnight on October 29th to 11pm on November 1st and will include seven creepy, animated short films.

To watch the Shortnite: Nightmares short films, the game mode of the same name must be selected and then the Shortnite: Nightmares cinema (created by the Creator Team Quantum Builds).

Each film is shown in its own room, so that you can freely decide when which film is viewed. It is also possible for the entire duration of Shortnite: Nightmares to watch all films in an endless loop in the great hall. Furthermore, it will again be possible to watch the films using the picture-in-picture function in Battle Royale mode.

All those who follow Shortnite: Nightmares for at least 30 minutes (either in the individual rooms or in the large hall) receive the spray motif “Spray Lard”. In addition, from October 28 at 2 am in the item shop there will be the “Popcorn Fighter” outfit as well as the “Slurp Slush” back accessory (including the twisted straw) and the “Popcorn Buddy” emote.

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