Apex Legends: Escape

EA and Respawn Entertainment announced the latest evolution of the hero shooter, Apex Legends: Escape. The 11th season appeared worldwide on November 2nd, 2021 and will introduce various game-changing updates that will turn the Apex games upside down.

The next big update introduces a familiar face as the newest legend: Ash. She is no longer just the arena overseer, but a fully reconstructed simulacrum of the former Dr. Ashleigh Reid. A last remnant of Leigh still slumbers in her, reminding her of her connection to another doctor in the arena.

EA and Respawn Entertainment have revealed the first details of the latest map from Apex Legends, which attracts with sandy beaches, crystal clear water and breathtaking panoramas. However, dangers lurk everywhere on the fourth and largest map of the Apex games, and not just from the latest legend, Ash, a deadly simulacrum of the woman who was once Dr. Ashleigh Reid was.

On November 2nd, Ash becomes the 19th legend and thoroughly shakes up the Apex games with her deadly powers:

  • Passive – Death Marker: If an opponent is eliminated, Ash can see the position of his death box on the map and thus knows where opponents are likely to go next. As soon as she reaches a death box, she can use her data meter to find out where the attackers are at that moment.
  • Tactical – Bow Leash: Inspired by her old ronin titan, Ash throws a whirling trap that injures and ties up the first enemy who gets too close. If the bow line hits a surface such as the floor or a door, it remains active as a “trap” for a few seconds.
  • Ultimate – phase crack: Ash tears open a one-way portal to a position she has determined with her sword. As soon as the portal is open, Ash steps through immediately, but allies and opponents also have a little time to follow her.

Apex Legends: Escape also brings a new Battle Pass with limited skins and rewards that Legends can unlock by completing challenges and leveling up.

The most important new features in Apex Legends: Escape are:

  • New map – Storm Point: It looks picturesque, but the pristine beaches and crystal clear water are just the eye of a storm. There are tons of fierce prowlers as well as a new breed of hostile swarm of venomous spiders, and the approaching storm adds to the tension in the air. Legends have arrived and will find new ways to explore the various POIs on the map. These include archipelagos, camps in the jungle, and a base in a single mountain, the highest accessible location on any Apex Legends map to date.
  • New Legend – Ash: A simulacrum of the woman who once became Dr. Ashleigh Reed was. Ash recognizes death everywhere, seizing opponents with electric fatalities, which immobilize them and create cracks in the room, which claims further victims.
  • New Weapon – C.A.R-MP: A flexible weapon that can fire light and heavy ammunition. The submachine gun “Combat Advanced Round” is automatic and has a decent recoil – some legends will certainly remember the past of this weapon.

The official update is available since November 2nd, 2021 for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X | S, Nintendo Switch and PC via Origin and Steam and ushered in a new ranking season.

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