Dead by Daylight – Halloween outfits

Behavior Interactive announced that from Halloween there will be two new outfits for the horror legends Nemesis and Pyramid Head in Dead by Daylight.

Dead by Daylight is the only game in which horror fans can slip into the roles of cult killers from two of the most famous horror franchises from renowned manufacturers – Nemesis by Capcom from the Resident EvilTM series and Pyramid Head by Konami from Silent HillTM.

As a tribute to these dreaded villains, the developers present a video in which both of them wear unprecedented outfits that are only available in the realm of the entity. Fittingly, the Fog chooses the scariest of all days to remind its community that they can encounter the well-known killers of horror story when they step into the game.

New Hallowed Curse Collection now available

The new Blighted Legends trailer, available from Halloween, shows the two horror icons with their new Blighted sets, which are part of the Hallowed Curse Collection. The collection is graphically inspired by rot, a time when rotten flowers secrete a mysterious nectar. As soon as the killers have this liquid in them, they mutate and even ooze the rot serum. The Nemesis Rot and Pyramid Rot can be purchased in the game’s shop.

Two horror classics in one realm

Over the past five years, Dead by Daylight has developed into the hall of fame of horror – the game in which genre fans embody their favorite legends, including the adversaries from popular horror series such as Resident EvilTM and Silent HillTM.

about the Resident Evil chapter

The Resident Evil chapter released last June introduced the monstrous nemesis as a killer. With his tentacle he infects the survivors, making them weaker and their screams louder. Nemesis is also accompanied by relentless zombies – the game’s first AI-controlled characters.

On the survivor side, the Resident Evil chapter features popular characters Leon S. Kennedy, Jill Valentine, Chris and Claire Redfield. With them, the community experiences a classic Resident Evil adventure in which they explore the Raccoon City police station – now a decayed relic of what was once a beacon of justice and a symbol of the city.

About the Silent Hill chapter

The Silent Hill chapter was released on the game’s fourth anniversary in 2020. Set in Midwich Elementary School – a scene of unspeakable horror – Silent Hill contrasts the survivor Cheryl Mason with the killer Pyramid Head.

Pyramid Head, known in the game as the executioner, is a sadistic, merciless murderer and fixated on punishing his victims with pain. We never see him without his mighty blade and in the fog he does his duty mercilessly. Luckily for her, Cheryl is not alone. Fans can step in as well-known Silent Hill characters James Sunderland, Cybil Bennett, Lisa Garland and Alessia Gillespie.

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