Fortnite – The Dune-set

Epic Games has announced that two new outfits inspired by the new Dune movie are now available in the Fortnite item shop.

Based on the characters Paul Atreides and Chani from the film, the two outfits are now available along with other Dune equipment. In a new trailer, the two characters are introduced by the actors Timothée Chalamet and Zendaya.

The dune set consisting of the following items is now available in the item shop:


Outfit “Paul Atreides”: Beyond fear, awaits his fate. (including alternative style with mask)
Outfit “Chani”: Skilled warrior and experienced survivor of the Fremen.


Hang glider “Ornithopter”: Offensive aircraft with many wings.
Back accessory “Fremkit”: Indispensable for survival under the harsh conditions of the desert planet Dune.
Back accessory “Chani’s equipment”: Chani’s own Fremkit.
Emote “Sandgang”: Walk like the natives of Arrakis.
Twin daggers pickaxe: The weapon of choice for the Atreides warriors.
Pickaxe “Bringerhaken”: Hooks of the Fremen for riding sandworms.

The items are also available in packs. The Dune package contains the “Paul Atreides” outfit, the “Chani” outfit, the “Fremkit” back accessory and the “Chani’s equipment” back accessory. Also included is the “The Rodworm” loading screen. The Dune equipment package contains the pickaxe “Bringerhaken”, the pickaxe “Twin Daggers”, the hang glider “Ornithopter” and the emote “Sand passage”.

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