Valorant – Episode 3, act 3

Riot Games announces that episode 3, act 3 of Valorant starts today. With the new episode, a new agent will be added to the team, which will be playable from November 17th.

The new Agent Chamber is all about deadly, pinpoint accuracy. There is also a new battle pass, which will be based on the upcoming holidays. Always well dressed and armed, the French weapons designer Chamber drives away attackers with deadly precision. The newest agent in Valorant can hold areas with a range of weapons and take out his enemies from a distance.

Character producer John Gosciski said

When designing the new agent in Valorant, Chamber, the development team came up with the idea of ​​someone “who can hold an area with a range of weapons,” explains character producer John Goscicki. The team would have received inspiration from the “archetype of the gentleman assassin”. Chamber’s gameplay revolves around the idea “that the distance of the shot, the breeze in the wind, the type of powder in the ammunition, all the fine details have to be taken into account to get the perfect hit,”.

Further comments on episode 3, act 3

With Act 3, Valorant is not only supplemented by a new agent, but also by a new battle pass. With this, the development team wants to “celebrate the end of the year traditions such as Halloween, New Year and the winter holidays,” says Deputy Art Director Sean Marino, explaining the inspiration for the new Battlepass. In addition to new character cards, there are also new weapon skins, such as Aero, Goldwing or the Genesis bow, “the first melee weapon of its kind that is included in the Battlepass,” says Senior Producer Preeti Khanolkar. “There are also some cute emoji sprays with Astra, Reyna, Skye and the sloth from Breeze. Overall, this is a great Battlepass that I hope the community will love! “

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