EA SPORTS FIFA 22 – Released

Electronic Arts celebrated the launch of EA SPORTS FIFA 22. On PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X | S and Stadia, we can experience next-generation HyperMotion gameplay technology in-game.

The game also features innovations in all modes, including arcade tournaments in VOLTA FOOTBALL, new heroes in FIFA Ultimate Team and much more. With over 5.2 million players from around the world, more players than ever have pre-accessed EA SPORTS FIFA 22 and seen the spectacle of the game. In all game modes, more than 131 million games have been played and over 4.6 million teams created.

said David Jackson, VP Brand, EA SPORTS FIFA said: “At EA SPORTS, our soccer experience is much more than just a game. It’s a vibrant and energetic community where millions of fans connect across borders and cultures,” and he added “Through licensing agreements with over 300 partners, we create authentic football worlds that enable our players to connect with the leagues, teams and talents that make football a universal passion. This year’s title is our best representation of the power of football to date . “

HyperMotion technology

Thanks to the power of HyperMotion technology, FIFA 22 on PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X | S and Stadia combines sophisticated 11-VS-11 capturing with its own machine learning technology. The result is the most realistic, fluid and responsive football experience, in which the emotionality, the passion and the physicality on the pitch can be felt immediately. With the help of HyperMotion technology, the motion capturing of 22 professional players playing with full intensity could be incorporated for the first time. EA’s own machine learning algorithm learns from more than 8.7 million frames with sophisticated capturing, then writes new animations in real time and enables organic football movements in a wide variety of interactions on the field. HyperMotion changes the movements of players with and without the ball, regardless of whether it is a shot, pass or cross.

Nick Wlodyka, GM, EA SPORTS FIFA said: “Our team has spent countless hours listening to community feedback and refining the gameplay to create an innovative title that will allow fans to experience the emotions of the game like never before.”

An innovative gaming experience in FIFA Ultimate Team

EA SPORTS FIFA 22 is also innovating the popular FIFA Ultimate Team (FUT) mode and redesigning the competition in Division Rivals and FUT Champions. This creates even more effortless opportunities to show skills and progress in competition against other players. Also included in the new title are the FUT Heroes, some of the most popular players in football history. They give fans the opportunity to recreate the nostalgic moments that earned them their place in the FUT 22 Heroes.

Revised career mode

The Revised Mode lets us live out our soccer dreams. A revised player development system, new in-game attributes called “advantages”, which can be activated depending on the game situation, dynamically generated game goals, new options for strengthening the coach rating and new game-end cinematics that target the Events of the respective game react.

Coaching career – With a specially created club, top clubs from all over the world can be challenged and triumphs in the UEFA Champions League or the CONMEBOL Libertadores can be celebrated. With the design of the club’s own crest and the designs for a home and away shirt, a personal touch is added to the club, while the stadium editor gives the fans an atmosphere they can be proud of.

Innovations in VOLTA and Pro Clubs

VOLTA football returns with even more flair and offers us new opportunities to show our style and connect with our team. The revised small-field gameplay rewards us for our skills on the ball. And the new season progression system enables us to receive EP for bonuses in VOLTA football, no matter which mode we are currently playing.

Pro Clubs offers us new customization options that will help our club really stand out. The new player development system gives us full control over the growth of our Virtual Pro. And the optimized social gameplay makes it even easier for us to find our next game. FIFA 22 also features female pros in this mode for the first time.

With more than 17,000 players, over 700 teams, 100 stadiums and over 30 leagues, EA SPORTS FIFA 22 is the exclusive opportunity to host legendary competitions such as the UEFA Champions League, the UEFA Europa League, the new UEFA Europa Conference League, the Premier League, the Bundesliga and LaLiga Santander, the CONMEBOL Libertadores and the CONMEBOL Sudamericana. Look forward to the most authentic gaming experience.

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