Star Trek Online – Reflection

Perfect World and Cryptic Studios announced that the Mirror Universe has launched another attack in Star Trek Online: Reflections. The final season of the Star Trek-based MMORPG marked the end of the long-running Klingon Civil War.

Unfortunately, this newly restored peace in the galaxy did not last long, because a new danger looms from the mirror universe, in the wake of which Admiral Leeta (set to music by the popular actress from Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, Chase Masterson) emerges the dreaded Terran Empire.

We can get to the bottom of this impending danger in a new episode that begins a new storyline in the game. We can also take part in an exciting new Task Force on the ground and complete other challenges to earn rewards, including the new Miracle Worker Battlecruiser of the Gagarin-class [T6] from the Mirror Universe.

About Star Trek Online

Star Trek Online is a free, massively multiplayer online game where we can explore the Star Trek universe. We can fight our own fate as captain of a Federation ship, defend the borders of the empire as Klingon warlord, rebuild the Romulan legacy as Commander of the Romulan Republic or undertake dangerous missions for the Dominion as Jem’Hadar. Captains can also visit famous locations from the Star Trek universe, make contact with new alien species and fight with other players in their own spaceships. Star Trek Online is available for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

About reflections:

In House United, the final season of Star Trek Online, we witnessed the finale of the long-running Klingon Civil War. The bloodshed has stopped, but things in the Infinite Space are anything but peaceful. Chaos breaks out when we receive an unexpected visit from Admiral Leeta (played by Trekkies’ beloved Chase Masterson from Deep Space Nine), who has come from the Mirror Universe to warn the Federation of a danger that affects all life in both Universes threatened. On her heels is Kuumarke from the Mirror Universe, a special agent of the Terran Empire who was sent to a data station in the main universe to steal secret data there. Admiral Leeta was once an opponent, but now we will have to work with her to stop Kuumarke and the Terrans from using the stolen information to destroy the main universe.

These are the features of Reflections:

New Special Episode – In the new episode, Firewall, we must visit a highly secured Federation facility to speak to Admiral Leeta. Together they go on a mission to protect the main universe from Kuumarke and the Terran forces.
New Task Force – With the release of Reflections, we will have access to a new five-player ground task force called Operation Wolf. We take part in a holodeck program designed by Leeta from Mirror Universe to train them to infiltrate Earth’s Spacedock in Mirror Universe and steal secret information there.
Special Reflections Event – Over the course of the next month, we will be able to experience many episodes and take part in task forces related to the Mirror Universe to unlock a special reward: The Gagarin-class Miracle Worker Battlecruiser from the Mirror Universe [K6].
New Lower Decks Content – We can visit the Lobi Store to purchase new weapons and uniforms from the popular Star Trek: Lower Decks animated series.
Elite Training Voucher – We can use the new Elite Training Voucher to add a space for personal floor properties, a space for personal room properties, a space for kit modules and a space for equipment to their captain.

Reflections is a new update that is now available for free on PC and launched today on Xbox One and PlayStation 4.

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